Accelerate Your Transformation Results Using Decision Analytics

What would you do for your organization if you knew it wouldn’t fail? What if you could spend less time analyzing, selecting and managing strategic initiatives and more time on achieving your organanization’s goals?

Strategic Intelligence

Often the obvious isn’t very obvious. Your stakeholders may be clamoring for more revenue but what if your issue is one of profitability? The DigX Solutions Business Navigation System (BNS) helps you identify and prioritize strategic areas of improvement.

Sales Enablement

“Revenue cures all ills”. That is an “easier said than done” statement. Maybe a better sales team to account alignment or a different pricing strategy or some other adjustment is what you need but if you don’t know which change will have the most positive impact on your business can you afford to pick incorrectly?

DX/Operational Excellence

With all of the different technologies out there (IoT, RPA, Cloud, etc.) where do you make your investment? Different technologies fix different issues and prescribing aspirin when you need stitches won’t help. Applying the right technology for your needs ensures you maximize your investment.


Growth can also come from IP Commercialization and M&A activities. Determining if that intellectual property or company is viable, valuable and investible makes the decision to move forward less a “crap shoot” and more a “sure bet”.

We are in it for the long haul

You have limited time and resources. Understanding which strategic initiative will help your company best achieve your current goal could be the key to your success. Our analytics are built around defining the optimal strategic objective using a set of key business drivers and creating the best plan to get there.  But it doesn’t stop at just identifying where to focus, our methodology provides a road map and guideposts which ensure you start on track and stay on track until your strategic objective is realized. Much like GPS, our Business Navigation System (BNS) identifies the best destination, the best route to get there and provides the information you need to make adjustments as you pilot and then deploy your initiative. Ensure you have chosen the right initiative and you meet the expected outcomes by using the Business Navigation System from DigX.